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Author: Brad Houck

Premises Liability

When can a restaurant be liable for slip-and-fall accidents?

Whether it is a quick stop at your favorite fast-food restaurant during your lunch break, or a more leisurely dinner spent at one of Georgia’s finest eating establishments, most restaurant patrons expect delicious food and good service. What they may not expect is that they could be seriously injured in […]

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Fri Mar 31, 9:29pm

In The News

Why are injuries so common at Kroger?

At a Kroger just outside Atlanta, a woman reached into a refrigerated display case and ended up with more than $6,000 in medical bills. She was shopping for cream cheese. Unfortunately, a cascade of biscuit tubes came loose and hit her in the face. She suffered scratches to her cornea, […]

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Thu Mar 30, 7:44pm

Car Wrecks

Young family fighting to recover from devastating traffic wreck

A 23-year-old man has become a temporary resident of Atlanta. He is unlikely to enjoy his stay, however, as he struggles with severe injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He spends his time at the Shepherd Center, working hard toward spinal cord injury rehabilitation. A few weeks ago, he […]

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Tue Mar 21, 7:38pm

Medical Malpractice

Two approaches to medical malpractice litigation

The divergent approaches to errors made in the health care industry are evident in two stories. In the first story, a woman entered a hospital for a routine hysterectomy, fully expecting to be released the following day. Instead, a series of medical errors resulted in her spending weeks in a […]

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Thu Mar 16, 8:50pm

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