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Author: Brad Houck

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Obtaining compensation for victims of bus crashes

Georgians have been using busses to get to various locations for a long time now. They can be a very efficient and relatively inexpensive way to get many people to where they need to go. This is true for both public transportation and private bus companies who may make longer […]

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Fri Oct 20, 9:16pm

Premises Liability

Steps to take after a slip and fall accident in a restaurant

There are many restaurants in Georgia and people go to them every day. The main reason most go to restaurants is to eat food, but they are also great places for socializing with friends and family. The last thing on most people’s minds when they are in a restaurant is […]

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Thu Oct 12, 9:24pm


Semitrucks are getting safer by the day

Semitrucks are slow, heavy and the drivers are often extremely fatigued. However, semitruck designers are making incredible new improvements to make them safer. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one of the largest organizations that supports and encourages this wave of change. As a part of its efforts, […]

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Tue Oct 10, 9:08pm

Car Wrecks

Man causes four-car fatal crash

There are many good drivers on the road in Georgia. These drivers obey the traffic control signals, try not to speed, signal their turns and drive defensively. However, there are many other who do not or do not always pay attention to what they are doing while driving. Distracted driving […]

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Fri Oct 6, 7:28pm

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