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Author: Brad Houck

Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers need to have special knowledge and training

Georgians need a driver’s license to legally drive a car. To obtain a driver’s license, there are steps the potential drivers need to complete. These include passing tests to ensure they know how to safely operate a vehicle. This is also true for trucks drivers. However, because trucks are much […]

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Thu Sep 28, 9:35pm

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Special requirements for school bus drivers in Georgia

It is important for all drivers in Georgia to be qualified and drive safely. However, it is especially important for certain drivers to be extra cautious. Truck drivers need to be especially careful because when they are involved in accidents it can be very devastating due to the size difference […]

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Thu Sep 21, 9:17pm

Premises Liability

Common conditions that can lead to falls in parking lots

People in Georgia expect that store and business owners will keep their stores and buildings in a safe condition. Many people are familiar with slip and fall type accidents though and know that sometimes the owners fail to do this. Most people probably think about slipping on a wet spot […]

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Fri Sep 15, 9:25pm


Abdominal pain after a car accident is a serious risk

These days, it is easy to forget the threat that cars present to us each and every day. Even though most people experience a car accident at some point in their lives, we often forget just how violent car accidents are. Even a car accident that does not result in […]

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Tue Sep 12, 9:09pm

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