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Author: Brad Houck

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

How dangerous are school bus accidents?

The last possible thing parents want to think about when they lead their children onto a school bus is the possibility that their child could be seriously injured or killed in an accident. Unfortunately, as much as we offer safeguards to assure that children will be safe on and near […]

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Fri Jul 21, 9:19pm

Trucking Accidents

Hazards are everywhere, do not take them for granted

In the past, we have spoken about the serious dangers associated with trucks on the road and their potential dangers. Due to their superior size and weight, a truck accident could result in very serious or catastrophic results. Such was the case earlier this week when on Tuesday evening when […]

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Fri Jul 14, 9:37pm


Were you mugged while getting money out of an ATM?

Imagine the following scenario: It’s late at night and you’re driving through downtown Atlanta. You need to buy a few things before heading home, but you realize you don’t have any cash. The cash machines are dark and the parking lots are empty, but you decide to take the risk […]

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Thu Jul 13, 9:11pm

Car Wrecks

What to do if you’ve been injured by a drunk driver

During holidays in the United States, it is not uncommon for Americans to celebrate with family and friends. The Fourth of July is a popular holiday for many who like to enjoy their time going to a baseball game with friends, hitting the pub for a couple drinks or hanging […]

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Thu Jul 6, 7:33pm

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