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Author: Brad Houck

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What is ‘vicarious liability’ in Georgia?

This blog has discussed the fact that accidents involving commercial vehicles often have serious and sometimes devastating consequences. Because of the sizes and weight of many of these vehicles, the injuries they can cause tend to be even worse than those in other crashes. Whether a bus full of people, […]

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Wed Jun 28, 9:20pm

Car Wrecks

Atlanta-area car wreck kills one, injures many

No matter where in the Atlanta area you drive, whether on small surface streets or divided Interstate highways, the danger of a car accident always looms. While defensive driving tactics and using caution behind the wheel may increase your chances of arriving safely at your destination, there are times when […]

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Wed Jun 21, 7:34pm

Premises Liability

Atlanta truck drivers are professionals and treated as such

Imagine a huge tractor-trailer bearing down on you in your rear-view mirror. You look to your left and right, but you are blocked in by other vehicles. Relentlessly, the truck keeps coming, and you realize you are about to be hit by a ton of metal and fuel traveling at […]

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Fri Jun 16, 9:26pm


Semitrucks: The most dangerous vehicles on the road

In a perfect world, everyone would be driving in a small compact car equipped with modern safety equipment and safety features. These features might include airbags, automatic braking systems, high-quality seatbelts, collapsing steering wheels and specially designed steel frames that protect vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. However, […]

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Thu Jun 15, 9:11pm

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