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Common conditions that can lead to falls in parking lots

People in Georgia expect that store and business owners will keep their stores and buildings in a safe condition. Many people are familiar with slip and fall type accidents though and know that sometimes the owners fail to do this. Most people probably think about slipping on a wet spot on a floor or on something that spilled or fell on the floor. However, owners are also responsible for keeping their parking lots safe and slip and fall accidents can occur in those as well.

Over time, just like roads and sidewalks, parking lots break down and deteriorate. Cracks and holes can form, which can create hazards for people walking through the parking lot on their way to or away from the buildings. Also, sometimes the parking lot may not transition gradually from one height to another. At night the parking lot may not have adequate lighting and people may not be able to see various hazards, such as cracks, holes, or curbs, which can lead to injuries as well. If a person is injured in a parking lot, they may have a premises liability case.

People may not think that simply tripping over a crack would cause serious injuries, but people can suffer very serious injuries. These injuries can require surgery and cause long-term problems for the victim. The injuries may also prevent the victim from being able to do their job. Between medical bills and loss wages these accidents can be very devastating for the victims. Luckily these victims may be entitled to compensation for these damages from the store owners.

Unfortunately some property owners in Georgia do not keep their parking lots in good repair. This can lead to slip and fall accidents which seriously injure people walking through the parking lots. The store may need to compensate the victims for these injuries, which can be very valuable for the victims as they recover from the injuries. These are very fact specific cases though and one may want to consult with an experienced attorney.

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