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Did your slip-and-fall accident happen like this?

Slip-and-fall accidents that happen indoors may lead to a personal injury claim for financial restitution in court. These incidents often happen as a result of problems relating to floors, stairs, carpets and cleanliness.

Ultimately, each of these cases is different — and must rely on its own set of unique facts — but let’s take a look at the most common causes for an indoor slip-and-fall event. Did an accident like one of the examples described below happen to you?

Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents

Problems with floors: Most slip-and-fall accidents happen because of issues relating to floors. Hard-surface floors, for one, need to be flat. Any kind of rippling or buckling of a floor could cause someone to slip, trip or fall. Also, it’s important that property owners use an appropriate nonslip mopping technique, polish and/or wax. If the floor is wet, property owners need to place signage to warn customers. If carpeting or rugs are loose, ripped or torn, they should be replaced immediately.

Problems with stairs: As you can imagine, staircases are particularly dangerous for visitors. Even a staircase that is perfectly fine and without any damage can pose a slipping or falling hazard that results in catastrophic injury or death. As such, property owners need to regularly examine staircases for any signs of disrepair. Stairs also need handrails so that visitors can stabilize themselves and prevent fall risks.

Problems with lighting: In all cases, areas where people walk need to have adequate lighting. When a property owner fails to light up an area, visitors won’t be able to see where they’re going, they won’t be able to judge distances and they won’t be able to navigate potential obstacles. Bad lighting is the cause of numerous trips and falls.

Elevator and escalator problems: We take the safety of elevators and escalators for granted, but these devices pose serious risks for visitors. Property owners must ensure that their elevators and escalators are functioning properly and receive regular maintenance and care.

Did you slip or fall on someone else’s property?

People who get hurt on someone’s property — regardless of who owns that property — may be able to pursue financial damages relating to the costs associated with medical care. If successfully navigated, such a claim can be essential in getting injured victims the money they need to get better.


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