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DUI accident claims the life of Atlanta-area student

A young dancer lost her life after being involved in a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver. The accident happened along Marietta Street in northwest Atlanta.

The female coed was a student at Spelman College in Atlanta. The school is now reeling in grief as a result of her untimely loss. Her family is also deeply mourning her death.

Accident happened when a speeding drunk driver lost control

According to police, the woman was riding in a vehicle being driven by her friend, who was inebriated at the time of the collision. The friend lost control of the vehicle while speeding. Although the friend survived the crash, the young dancer did not.

Following the collision, authorities arrested the driver and charged her with DUI and vehicular homicide.

Driver was the young woman’s best friend

A cousin of the deceased woman spoke to reporters about the loss. He said that the driver of the vehicle was his cousin’s best friend. He also said that they are praying that the DUI driver recovers from her injuries, and they do not have ill will for her.

The young woman who died was popular at her college. Not only was she a dancer, but she taught dance and mentored younger female dancers. Her dance group at Spelman was Mahogany-N-Motion. A local chaplain described the woman as “beautiful on the inside and outside” and someone who “encompassed so many things.”

When drunk driving claims a life too soon

There is no excuse for drunk driving. Nevertheless, this unconscionable behavior claims too many Atlanta lives too soon. Family members who lose loved ones due to drunk driving will have the ability to pursue financial restitution and justice. The decision to pursue such an action is a personal one, but it may also be a financial one.

A successfully navigated wrongful death suit can be enormously helpful in assisting families to pay for end of life expenses such as funeral and memorial costs. It can also help family members obtain a sense of closure relating to their loved one’s loss.


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