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Georgia trucking company cited for safety violations

There are many trucks on the roads and for the most part, they are driven safely. Being driven safely includes much more than just driving the speed limit and signaling their turns. Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to follow a large number of safety regulations to legally operate. These regulations cover how long truck drivers can drive each day, prohibition against all alcohol use, requirements for safety inspections of the truck each day and many others.

A Georgia trucking company was recently investigated and ordered to cease all operations due to many safety violations. The investigation occurred after the co-owner of the company caused a fatal tractor-trailer accident in Virginia.

The driver himself had a suspended license, violated the hours of service rules and was driving an uninsured truck. The company was also cited for not completing the required inspections, not having insurance, not regulating their drivers, not having the required operating authority and others.

This trucking company clearly did not care about any of the rules and is a demonstration of why all the trucking regulations are necessary. Unfortunately they were ordered to cease operation only after causing a fatal accident though. The victims of these accidents often times suffer catastrophic injuries and many die as a result. The victims and their families’ lives are often time never the same after a truck accident. They may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though.

While most trucking companies do not violate the number of regulations as the trucking company above, many do violate some from time to time. When they do, accidents can occur and people’s lives are changed forever. They may be entitled to compensation for the injuries though. This will not heal the injuries or ease the pain of the loss of a loved one, but it can still be very valuable as people attempt to move on. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of these accidents and may be a useful resource.

Source:┬áLand Line Magazine, “FMCSA busts Georgia trucking company on many counts after fatal crash,” Nov. 6, 2017


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