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Earlier this week a jury awarded $15.8 million dollars against Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) in a wrongful death action for negligently misreading two pap smear slides that showed evidence of cervical cancer. The award was made to the family of a 37 year-old woman who died of cervical cancer after the misreads leaving behind her husband and two daughters.

The pap smear test has been extremely successful in reducing the number of cervical cancer cases in the Atlanta area and throughout this country. Unfortunately, when the companies, who are making astronomical profits through reading and interpreting the pap smear tests, cut corners in various areas from inadequate training of the front line screeners to forcing employees to read too many slides, obvious cancer gets missed and woman die. These deaths leave behind unimaginable damage and loss to the women’s families and to our Atlanta communities.

According to reports from the Fulton County Daily Report, a technician from LabCorp, a Fortune 500 company with over $5 billion in profits in 2013 alone, testified at trial that she was often made to review over 80 slides a day and often did not have time for lunch breaks. Because the screeners were reviewing slides too quickly, obvious cancer was being missed. As a result, cervical cancer that would otherwise have been treatable was missed, and a young woman died unnecessarily.

Corporate greed and exploitation at the expense of the lives of our mothers, sisters, and daughters is unforgivable and must be stopped. At Houck | Regas we have seen the needless devastation these actions have on real families and real Georgia communities. We may never see an end to cervical cancer in the State of Georgia, but holding the laboratories accountable for putting corporate profits over women’s lives can effect real change and make corporate board rooms act differently.

Please call us if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, so that we can explore your legal rights.


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