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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Man charged after crashing plumbing truck into restaurant

There are many different types of businesses in Georgia. Many of these businesses own vehicles that drive on the roads. Some drive people around as part of the business such as taxi drivers, bus drivers and other companies that transport people. Other businesses use the vehicles to transport their employees and the equipment the employees will need to complete their job. Many contractors have vehicles for this purpose.

However, no matter the purpose of the vehicle, the company has a duty to ensure that the drivers of the vehicles are driving safely. If the driver is not and causes an accident the company as well as the driver may be liable for the damages caused in the accident.

Recently a man drove a company plumbing truck from a construction site and ended up causing a nine-car crash. However, the man did not just hit other vehicles, he ended up crashing through a restaurant as well. The accident occurred around 1 p.m. and the man was also allegedly intoxicated at the time of the accident. It is unclear why he was allowed access to the vehicle if he had been drinking. Unfortunately several victims of the accident were also seriously injured and were brought to local hospitals.

The victims of this accident may end up having significant medical bills as a result and may miss time at work as well. However, when there is a commercial vehicle accident the victims may be entitled to compensation from the driver and perhaps the company as well that can help pay for the medical bills and lost income.

The hope is that if a person is driving a commercial vehicle in Georgia as a part of their employment that they will exercise even more caution than the average driver. As the accident above demonstrates though, this does not always occur. If a person is injured in one of these accidents they may be entitled to compensation though. It is important that a person is made whole after an accident and experienced attorneys may be of assistance.

Source:, “Breaking news: Driver charged with DUI after crashing into Moe’s” Matt Aiken and Greg Finan, Jr., Aug. 14, 2017


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