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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Obtaining compensation for victims of bus crashes

Georgians have been using busses to get to various locations for a long time now. They can be a very efficient and relatively inexpensive way to get many people to where they need to go. This is true for both public transportation and private bus companies who may make longer trips, such as Greyhound. While using busses can be very efficient, the other vehicles on the road can suffer major damages when busses are in commercial vehicle accidents.

Busses are clearly much larger than most of the other vehicles on the road. So, when busses strike them, the smaller vehicles usually suffer the worse of the accident. The victims of these accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries as well, which can completely change their lives and the lives of their families. The victims may never be able to do certain activities again and may not able to work again. They most likely will also have surgeries and go through rehabilitation for a long period of time.

All of this can be very costly for the victims. So, to help prevent these types of accidents, there are extra rules placed on bus drivers. Like truck drivers, they have requirements for rest and there must be routine inspections of the busses to ensure that are working correctly. If the driver violates these rules or the company does not properly inspect the busses, they could be liable for compensating the victim for the damages described above.

Despite all the regulations, there are still many bus accidents in Georgia each year. The victims may be entitled to compensation from the bus companies though. This can be very valuable to the victim, but the bus companies will do their best to minimize damages to avoid paying higher amounts to them. It is important for the victims to know their rights. At Houck Reynolds we have handled many of these cases and know what bus companies and insurance companies try to do. For more information on how we handle these matters please visit our bus accident page on our website.


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