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Car Wrecks

Car crashes are very prevalent in Georgia

There have been many improvements to cars over the years. People rely upon their cars in order to live their daily lives. People drive to work, to school, to run errands, go to the store to buy groceries and many other reasons. This means that, as many people in the […]

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Wed Sep 6, 7:30pm

Trucking Accidents

There are strict rules prohibiting alcohol use for truck drivers

It is important that all drivers on the roads in Georgia drive safely. However, it is even more important that truck drivers drive safely. When trucks are in tractor-trailer accidents, the results can be very devastating given how much bigger tractor-trailers are than most of the other vehicles on the […]

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Fri Sep 1, 9:36pm

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Man charged after crashing plumbing truck into restaurant

There are many different types of businesses in Georgia. Many of these businesses own vehicles that drive on the roads. Some drive people around as part of the business such as taxi drivers, bus drivers and other companies that transport people. Other businesses use the vehicles to transport their employees […]

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Fri Aug 25, 9:18pm

Premises Liability

Protecting people injured in slip-and-fall accidents

People in Georgia enter onto other people’s property every day. In most situations they are either explicitly invited onto the property by the owner, such as going to a friend’s house, or there is an implicit invitation, such as going into a store or other type of business. People also […]

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Fri Aug 18, 9:26pm

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