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Premises Liability

Protecting people injured in slip-and-fall accidents

People in Georgia enter onto other people’s property every day. In most situations they are either explicitly invited onto the property by the owner, such as going to a friend’s house, or there is an implicit invitation, such as going into a store or other type of business. People also have an expectation that as long as they act normally they will not be hurt while on the property. They expect that the property owner would also warn them if there was a danger they should be aware of while in certain areas.

Property owners do not always do this though and people are injured as a result. Slip-and-fall accidents are the type of injury many people think of when they think of premises liability cases, but there are many other types of common accidents. People trip and fall on stairs that are not to code or fall because there is no handrail. They may also be assaulted by another individual because the property owner did not provide adequate security on the premises. Also, sometimes escalators or elevators do not work properly or a rug is loose and does not meet the proper standards.

Property owners must provide ordinary care to ensure the people invited onto the property are not hurt and may be liable for the injuries if they do not. Some of the injuries can also be very serious and require surgeries and rehabilitation and may prevent the victim from being able to work. This compensation can be very important for the victim in order to pay for medical bills and loss income if they are unable to work while they recover.

Many people in Georgia are injured on other’s property each year. The property owner may be liable to compensate the victim for these injuries, but there are defenses available to the property owners. It is important to know these defenses so one can fight against them and receive the compensation they deserve. At Houck Reynolds we have handled many premises liability cases and understand how property owners try to avoid having to pay compensation to the victims. For more information on how we handle these matters please visit premises liability page on our website.


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