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Semitrucks are getting safer by the day

Semitrucks are slow, heavy and the drivers are often extremely fatigued. However, semitruck designers are making incredible new improvements to make them safer.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one of the largest organizations that supports and encourages this wave of change. As a part of its efforts, the IIHS recommends the installation of side underride guards to make trucks safer than ever.

Why side undercarriage guards are important

Safer semitrucks have underride guards. Already, most trucks have underride guards on the rears of their tractor trailers. These guards prevent vehicles from crashing into the back of a semitruck and going underneath it. Sliding under the semitruck like this in a collision is often fatal or causes extreme, catastrophic injuries. Often, decapitations can occur.

According to IIHS, crash tests reveal that having an underride guard on the back of a semi helps to reduce fatal accidents. Based on new data from recent tests by the IIHS, the insurance organization believes that the same can be said for side underride guards. Semitruck owners can install side underride guards on the sides of tractor-trailers to help prevent cars from sliding under trucks in side collisions.

According to the executive vice president of the IIHS, the organization believes that the use of side underride guards has merit, especially because motor vehicle accident deaths continue to rise in our country in recent years.

The president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety said, “These are crucial safety protections because frequently in side underride crashes, the front seat occupants are killed when the vehicle goes under a truck and shears off the top of the vehicle.”

The president of IIHS, who watched video footage of the side undercarriage accident tests said that it was difficult to watch the video without wincing. He said that if the crashes had happened in real life, no one would have survived.

Is it time to make a new law?

There are numerous laws that exist to ensure that semitruck drivers get plenty of rest, follow the rules of the road, maintain their vehicles and adhere to other safety standards. When a truck driver fails to follow one of these rules or laws and it results in an injurious truck crash, the injured parties may want to learn more about their legal right to pursue financial justice in court.


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