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Special requirements for school bus drivers in Georgia

It is important for all drivers in Georgia to be qualified and drive safely. However, it is especially important for certain drivers to be extra cautious. Truck drivers need to be especially careful because when they are involved in accidents it can be very devastating due to the size difference between tractor-trailers and the vehicles on the road. Another type of driver that needs to be especially careful are school bus drivers. Not only are buses bigger than other vehicles but they are also generally transporting children.

Therefore, there are stricter standards for school bus drivers than the average driver on the road. School bus drivers must pass physical examinations within 60 days prior to their employment and then must pass one each year within 60 days of the start of the school year. They also must obtain a commercial driver’s license A, B, or C and have a special designation for school bus drivers.

Prior to employment, the drivers must also complete a training program, which includes at a minimum 24 hours of training. The drivers must also pass the annual training and safety programs to continue being allowed to drive a school bus.

As stated above, it is important that school bus drivers avoid commercial vehicle accidents given their size and unique role of transporting children. When they are in accidents, not only can the other drivers suffer severe injuries, but the children on the bus may be injured as well. If people suffer injuries or their children suffer injuries due to negligence by a school bus driver, they may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries though, which can be very valuable.

Now that school is back in session in Georgia, there will be many school busses on the roads for the remainder of the school year. It is important that the school bus drivers drive safely and avoid accidents. If one does not and an accident occurs, the victims of the accident may be entitled to compensation. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of these injuries and may be able to guide one through the process.

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