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Teen drivers present more of a danger on Georgia roads

It takes time and practice for people in Georgia to improve their ability to perform certain tasks. Most people are not just able to pick something up for the first time and master it. This is true for driving just like any other tasks. There are many things that can arise on the roads and it takes time to know how to handle them. Add this fact to the fact that teenagers are generally more easily distracted and it is not a surprise that teen drivers are much more likely to cause car wrecks.

Drivers between the ages of 16-19 have been found to cause three times more accidents in relation to miles driven then drivers 20 and over. Male teen drivers also tend to be more dangerous than female teen drivers. There are many factors that lead to this. They tend to underestimate dangerous situations or fail to recognize them in time. They also tend to drive faster and often times do not leave enough space in between them and the car ahead of them. They also tend to be more distracted by passengers in the car especially when the passengers are their peers.

These accidents can cause a lot of damage to other vehicles and cause catastrophic injuries to the victims of the accidents. These injuries can completely change one’s life. The injuries can prevent the victim from ever being able to do certain activities they were accustomed to doing prior to the accident. This includes being able to do their job. The costs can add up very quickly and may continue to accrue for a long time as the victim recovers from their injuries.

Many teen drivers in Georgia cause car wrecks, but they are not the only ones that cause accidents. Any driver on the road is at risk of being in an accident any time they get behind the wheel. The injuries suffered in these wrecks can be very devastating, but the victim may be entitled to compensation from the driver who caused the accident. This compensation can pay for the medical costs, lost income and other damages. Experienced attorneys understand victim’s rights after an accident and may be able to help protect them.

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