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Trucking Accidents

There are strict rules prohibiting alcohol use for truck drivers

It is important that all drivers on the roads in Georgia drive safely. However, it is even more important that truck drivers drive safely. When trucks are in tractor-trailer accidents, the results can be very devastating given how much bigger tractor-trailers are than most of the other vehicles on the road.

One of the most dangerous activities any driver can do is drive after consuming alcohol or drugs. Since this can be even more dangerous for truck drivers, there are much stricter rules regarding how much alcohol they can consume and when they can consume it.

Truck drivers are not allowed to drive or perform other safety sensitive functions if they have an alcohol concentration above .04 while the law for other drivers is generally .08. Truck drivers also cannot consume any alcohol while on-duty, whether they are driving or not and also cannot consume any alcohol for four hours before going on-duty.

Truck drivers also cannot be under the influence of any non-prescribed drugs. The truck drivers must submit drug/alcohol tests after any accident, if an employer has suspicion they are using and even just random tests. If a driver refuses to submit to any of these tests they are not be allowed to work.

While most truck drivers follow these rules, not all do and truck accidents can occur as a result. This can leave innocent victims with catastrophic injuries that permanently change their lives and their families’ lives. They can also be very costly for the victim. If the driver was at fault for the accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though.

Truck drivers are held to higher standards than most other drivers on the roads in Georgia. This is to try are prevent truck accidents, which can cause major damage and devastating injuries. The victims of these accidents can incur massive medical bills and lose income if they are unable to work. These people may be entitled to compensation for these damages though. It is important that they receive the proper compensation and experienced attorneys may be able to assist in ensuring that.

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