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Legal Representation And Timelines

First Steps In Representing You

At our first meeting, you should bring with you anything that is related to your wreck. We will get from you all the information we need to properly handle your claim. You will also sign authorizations that will allow our office to speak with your doctors and obtain your medical information. It is important that you create a list of the doctors that you see and keep us up-to-date on your healing process.

We will send out all the necessary notices to the responsible parties and the insurance companies to make sure your claim is preserved. We will also request all of your medical records and bills and provide the insurance company with the information they need to evaluate your claim.

Why Does It Take So Long?

If you have suffered a permanent injury — such as a brain injury or paralysis — we cannot submit your claim to the insurance company until our doctors give us their opinion as to your condition and your prognosis. If we try to settle your case before your medical condition is stabilized, you may lose money that you might otherwise be entitled to recover from a condition that did not show up until after your case was settled.

It is important to know that your case will not be settled until the damages have been determined and all investigations to determine who is liable have been completed. One of the most difficult requests we make of you is to have patience. We will work as hard and fast as possible to settle your case quickly.

Contact our experienced legal team at Tarver Law, PC. We are here to advocate for you and your loved ones through every stage of the personal injury claim process. Reach our office online or call (770) 392-6080 to schedule a free consultation.

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