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Medical Payments And Health Insurance Coverage

At Tarver Law, PC we can advise you on how to best utilize your medical payments coverage on your vehicle along with your health insurance coverage to maximize your benefits.

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Medical Liens

Sometimes our clients are involved in auto wrecks or other types of accidents where there are no medical payments insurance, workers’ compensation or private health insurance. In such cases, your doctor will expect to be paid by you at the conclusion of this case. Often they will require you to agree, in writing, to have us pay them directly from the proceeds you receive. State laws sometimes permit health care providers to file a “lien” which must be paid out of the proceeds of your case. If your doctor asks you to sign what is often called a “lien letter,” be sure to contact our office. In some cases, it may not be appropriate for you to sign such an agreement.


If your health insurance company pays some of your medical bills, they may have a right to seek reimbursement from your settlement. However, depending on the kind of insurance plan you have and the language of that plan, your health insurance company is not entitled to seek reimbursement unless you have been fully and completely compensated from the settlement. It is important to know your rights as it relates to the rights your health insurance company has against you.

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